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Our drivers

1. Progress
Progress, human progress, life chances, not just GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Progressio's work is as much about redefining progress as about redefining enterprise.

2. Enterprise
The hallmarks of Enterprise are creativity, vision, long-term sustainability, value-addition and a discovery spirit. Applying these attributes to societal challenges, as well as businesses', is Progressio's goal.

3. Innovation
Many entrepreneurs - defined as change-agents, innovators, discoverers and alchemists - are propelled by the need to challenge the status quo, revolutionize the domains they operate in, reinvent products and services, improve communities and societies, not just pursue private gains. Working with these far-sighted leaders is Progressio's endeavour.



From left to right: Wangari Maathai,whom we invited to the SVN 1993 Meeting in Amsterdam; Muhammad Yunus, who led a 80-strong Microcredit Seminar in Stockholm in 1998; His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who was our main guest at the "Ethics, Enterprise and Development" event in Amsterdam in 1999 and again in June 2009 in The Hague at the Global Leaders Academy event which we co-organized; Al Gore, for whom we organized his Brussels Reception in 2006; Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, with whom we worked in 1995-6 at the New Academy of Business.


4. Business and civic entrepreneurs as societal pioneers
Entrepreneurs are everywhere. They are the real shapers of our times, active in academia, government, international organisations, cities, the social sector, cultural industries, education, health, housing, the environment . Discovering and selecting the more progressive entrepreneurs is Progressio's task.

5. Ethics
Like any other profession - law, medicine or architecture - the enterprise practice reflects the spectrum of human activities and includes a majority who subscribe to ethical and socially-responsible codes and aspirations. Ensuring that those enterprises we work with strive to abide by and improve on the highest standards is Progressio's promise.

6. Leverage
3-dimensional wealth (money, social capital, intangibles) is best created by blending the diverse perspectives, resources, competencies, cultures and visions of different stakeholders. That's what progressive entrepreneurs do. Creating the most value-added combinations is Progressio's challenge.

7. Systems Thinking
At a time of increasing complexity and interdependence, structural solutions to wealth-creation and quality of life can only be discovered by business, government and civil action operating systemically.  Finding opportunities where a whole-system design can be applied is Progressio's skill.