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1ST UNESCO BUSINESS FORUM, “Enterprise, Human Development and Culture in the Global Age”, Stockholm, April 1-4, 1998, as part of UNESCO’s ‘The Power of Culture’ conference, the third global meeting of progressive enterprise. Progressio is the creator, organiser and funder, at the invitation of Unesco’s Director General, Dr. Federico Mayor.  With 107 speakers, 400 decision-makers (total participation over the 3-day period) from 40 countries, from global corporations such as Ikea, Walt Disney, Shell, Monsanto, Anglo-American, Skandia, McDonald, Origin, Swedbank, Baker & McKenzie, Telenor, Aveda-Estee Lauder, British International Cable Company; leading-edge newer enterprises such as CELEMI, SOL, Skaltek, St. Lukes, Grameen Bank, WE-TV, Banco Solidario Ecuador, Nextwork Ekman AB, Sala Savingsbank, Samitaur Constructs, Global Fusion; business networks such as Global Business Network, The Caux Roundtable, the Danish Entrepreneurs Association, Business for Social Responsibility and others who attended the World Business Forum in Istanbul; international agencies/organisations such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD, UNDP, Council of Europe, European Investment Bank, USAid, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Sida, European Committee for Business, Arts & Culture CEREC, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat); academic institutes such as Stanford University, INSEAD, CEDEP, Stockholm School of Economics, New Academy of Business, MiL Institute, Netherlands Design Institute, Royal Tropical Institute, Institute for Social and Ethical Accountability, Copenhagen Business School, Kaos Pilots; and foundations/non-profit organisations such as The Getty Trust, The Natural Step, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, LIFT Business Arts Forum, CIVICUS, Raoul Wallenberg Association, International Alert, AIESEC.

GLOBAL DIALOGUE ON MICRO-FINANCE, with Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank and over 70 micro-banking practitioners. Co-organized with the European Baha’i Business Forum, EarthRise Development Network and co-funded with Monsanto, The Imperial Group of Austria and Sida (Swedish International Development Agency), at UNESCO’s ‘The Power of Culture’ conference, Stockholm, April 2-3, 1998.

‘BUSINESS PARTNERS FOR DEVELOPMENT NETWORK’, Learning and Sharing Cluster, a joint initiative of the WORLD BANK and PRINCE OF WALES BUSINESS LEADERS FORUM. Progressio is a member of this emerging and unprecedented three-year, tri-sectoral partnership among business, civil society and government starting in June 1998 with a Washington meeting. Other invited members include the Hitachi Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Open Society Institute, Oxfam, The Conference Board, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the UK Department for International Development, the International Finance Corporation, Boston College, the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, the ILO.

UNDP PUBLIC-PRIVATE-PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT, an action-research international programme to identify and analyse the key success factors behind PPPs and how to foster best practices globally. Progressio is a participating member, together with a varied group of bankers, project managers, policy developers, business networks, corporations, civil society organisations and public authorities. The 1997-98 programme has a first round of conclusions with a conference at Yale University on June 24-25, moderated by Marcello Palazzi.

THE BREMEN INITIATIVE AND THE BREMEN AWARD, a 3-year programme to continue until 2001 led by the City of Bremen to promote, connect and reward the best practices of Business-Municipality Partnerships from around the world. Progressio is a key partner and Marcello Palazzi a member of the Steering Group and Special Representative. A major European conference is planned for June 2000 on “Reinventing Mobility”, to be followed by a more generic global conference in April 2001.

COPENHAGEN CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, founded by Mrs. Karen Jespersen, Danish Minister of Social Affairs, to support and facilitate the development of joint social responsibility and new partnerships for social integra-tion. Marcello Palazzi is a member of the Advisory Forum, a group of distin-guished and socially committed leaders from business and goverment such as Henning Christophersen, Former Vice Chairman, European Commission, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, President & CEO, Lego Group, Allan Larsson, Director General, The European Commission, DG V, Geoff Mulgan, The Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, UK, Mads Øvliesen, President and CEO, Novo Nordisk. Launched in October 1998.