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STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM, Millennium Forum, held in conjunction with the United Nations’ Millenium General Assembly, in September 2000, New York City. Progressio has convened the ‘Millennium Enterprise Summit’ focusing on the role of business and enterprise in the new century by inviting heads of state and government representatives to address social, cultural and environmental dimensions alongside economic and business issues, with leading corporate CEOs, heads of SMEs, social enterprises and civil society from around the world. A charter or compact is being discussed as an instrument which could be negotiated in New York to help materialize many of the lofty goals and commitments already made in previous UN conferences.

Key individual leaders included Ruud Lubbers, former Dutch Prime Minister and currently president of the World Wide Fund for Nature; Lars Kolind, chairman of Grundfos; Paul Baan of the Vanenburg Group and Noaber Foundation; John Kao of The Idea Factory; Will Hutton, author and chief executive of The Industrial Society in the UK; Anthony Giddens, director of the London School of Economics; Jermyn Brooks, executive director and CFO of Transparency International; Taleil Kuzman, founder and chairman of; Alex Straub, founder and chairman of Some 16 sessions dealing with a variety of enterprise themes were constructed to involve UN staff, business, governments and NGOs.

THE COPENHAGEN CENTRE, launch of campaign and publication on "For an entrepreneurial and inclusive Europe" and its presentation to the Lisbon Council Meeting, with accompanying letter


  • Building a Knowledge Society for All
  • Developing a culture of Communication and Learning
  • Expanding Leadership Competencies
  • Investing in Partnerships

  Marcello Palazzi served as member of the TCC International Advisory   

  Board and was the first non-Dane to be invited, following a successful

  cooperation first at UN Social Summit in 1995 and in the preparations

  and organization of TCC's launching conference in 1997-8.  He took

  parts in the think-tank discussions during the period 1997-2000 and

  introduced a number of international organizations that have partnered

  with TCC since.