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2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE + ANNUAL AWARD "business and municipality - new partnerships for the 21st century", BREMEN, GERMANY.

bremen initiative's goal is to promote partnership between municipality and business to achieve a sustainable future for cities. It is the first and only global campaign focusing on the development of this vital partnership between city governments and their major stakeholders. The campaign builds upon the results of the unique 1st International Conference on "business and municipality - new partnerships for the 21st century" held in Bremen in March 1997, as set out in the "bremen declaration". This declaration, endorsed by the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), was presented at the UN Rio + 5 Summit in June 1997.  Launched by the city of Bremen in 1999, bremen initiative is focused on cities -where on the one hand problems accumulate but where on the other hand solutions are more tangible. Cities connect people, resources and ideas. They have always been the place where civilizations were created. Today, cities are home to half of the world's population: in future the proportion of urban dwellers will be ever greater.


In partnership with the Industrial Society (today The Work Foundation), headed by Will Hutton, Progressio Foundation organized a gathering of some 75 enterprise pioneers from around Europe who met in London and defined a distinctively European agenda for entrepreneurship.  With the public support of Romano Prodi, who wrote the introduction to the book by the same title, it brought together a diverse group of thought-leaders from Geoff Mulgan to Maria Cattaui Livanos, from Jermyn Brooks to Wendy Alexander, from Andrew Wilson to Robert Monks.  See the summary.


Following from the Enterprising Europe Summit, an agenda was crafted and presented at the European Parliament by Will Hutton.  Its impact has led to be invited into a number of think-tanks convened by President Prodi and Commissioner Diamantopolou, as well as the appointment of Will Hutton as Rapporteur of the Kok Report, in 2004.


Cooperation with the founding group, led by Nick Dunlop and Bill Ury, and one of the funders, to provide ideas and start-up expertise during 2001 and 2002.


Co-founding of, a social enterprise offering new opportunities for ethical businesses and non-profit organisations working for social justice and environmental sustainability to grow in strength and influence.