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RENAISSANCE EUROPE, BRUSSELS.  A project of European Partners for the Environment and Progressio Foundation, RenEU is an alliance of change agents intent on shaping a "new golden era" of Europe through a network, theme fora and action research.


RESPONSABILITY VEREIN, ZÜRICH. Marcello Palazzi was invited to be a member of this Association of investors, which has now grown into a successful enterprise, ResponsAbility AG.  Marcello helped with introducing founding investors and in some initial conceptual discussions on micro-credit and other investment vehicles which ResponsAbility develops and markets. 


2ND SIB WORLD CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO. Progressio Foundation helped to secure part funding for this gathering and Marcello Palazzi served as advisor to the organizing team.  This event again brought together hundreds of business leaders around the inquiry of Ethics, Inspiration and the Bottom line. The combination of over 15 Keynote Speakers including the CEO of Schwab David Pottruck, Greg Merten VP Hewlett-Packard, George Zimmer CEO of Men’s Wearhouse together with more than 40 workshops created fertile ground for inspiration and entrepreneurship in business.  An extremely powerful Women's Forum and Breakfast "The Wisdom and Power of Women Leaders" attended by over 100 women concluded the conference. 

ANDROMEDA FUND, AMSTERDAM & ZÜRICH.  As advisor to the initiators of a new private equity fund for development, Marcello Palazzi shared expertise and know-how alongside other team members, particularly Klaus Tischhauser, Ivo Knöpfel, Robert Rubinstein and Paul Kloppenborg.  To learn more, click here.  For an interview with Stephen Brenninkmeyer, funder, read here.

ANDROMEDA FUND SUMMIT, AMSTERDAM. In partnership with the founder, Marcello Palazzi helped to organize a private launch with some 80 investors.  Progressio Foundation made its connections available and gathered some 40 of the total.  Hands-on presentations of six companies where the fund has invested were highlighted.  A learning programme, chaired by Robert Rubinstein of TBLI, was particularly instructive.  Some investment pledges were made and new ideas about succeeding in challenging economic enviroments exchanged.