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DIALOGUE DINNERS, NETHERLANDS.  In cooperation with leadership networks, a number of private conversations on "authentic leadership", "values-led business" and "ethical conduct" were organized in 2004.  Invited contributors have included Herman Wijffels, chair of the Netherlands' Social Economic Council and former chair of Rabobank, Antony Burgmans, chair of Unilever NV and Dirk Elsen, CEO of SNV, the Dutch Development Organization.  Around 100 invited business leaders have taken part.

TÄLLBERG 24TH WORKSHOPMarcello Palazzi contributed to the conceptualization of the 25th Tällberg Forum, which was further developed a year earlier on the occasion of the 24th Workshop.

GREAT LEADERS • GOOD LEADERS FORUM, ZÜRICH.  Marcello Palazzi took responsibility for organizing this gathering of global decision-makers at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon.  Attended by 220, including 100 women leaders, it further extended the SiB community in Switzerland and other European countries.  For tributes, see here.  For the forum programme, see here.